Automatic privacy

Fully decentralized

End-to-end encryption


Here you find help and support for p≡p for Android.

Source code

Software for encryption can't be a black box. That's why we are publishing our source code. Cause that gives the user of our Free Software Security through Transparency.

What does that mean? We make the code readable. Who wants to read that? Everyone who wants to proof our solution. Here, and only here, nothing is private but public.

The p≡p-code has 3 parts: p≡p Engine, p≡p Adapters, p≡p Apps and Plugins.

  • p≡p Application

    p≡p for Android is the actual software you install on your device. That's all you need to know to protect your communication end-to-end, which means only you and the recipient can read it. Take a look into its source!

  • p≡p Adapter

    The p≡p adapter is the connector and therefore interface between the app and the engine. p≡p provides many adapters for various languages or rather IDEs, to make it pretty easy for developers plugging p≡p into any app to protect each communication. p≡p for android uses the JNI-Adapter, take a look into its source!

  • p≡p Engine

    The p≡p engine is the heart of all this: It's not meant to be used in the application code directly but can be plugged into with the help of an adapter. The engine serves the crypto and key management functions and knows how to transport the messages: Take a look into its source to see yourself!

  • Code Audits & Security Analysis

    Our code is regularly read and audited by external experts that check and analyse if everything is right. This is a normal process in the development of software, especially when it comes to security. Take a look into our most recent audit of the p≡p engine. Or click here for the Formal Security Analysis by the University of Luxembourg.